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Reach Groups

Spring 2023
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We believe that life happens in the context of community.


We want you to be connected with our Reach KC Tribe in a deep and meaningful way! 

Why Reach Groups?



Aaron Boots
Thursday Nights 6:30 pm

Men - Grandview, MO

Text (913)-620-1008

My Reach Group will be getting stronger spiritually & physically as the men God has called us to be!

Book for the StrongMen Group!

Good Boundaries and goodbyes


Diane Boots
Thursday Nights 6:30 pm

Women - Grandview, MO

Text (816)-775-9191

My Reach Group will be for women looking to heal and create Godly boundaries. I believe that by setting healthy boundaries you can have better relationships all around.

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes Book!



Tommy & Emil McGee
Friday Nights 7:30 pm

Co-Ed - Kansas City, MO

Text (816)-433-0697

Our Reach Group will talk through spiritual principles and scriptures that can help us to walk them out. Then we will learn to apply them to our Daily Life. 

This Reach Group will be 6-Weeks Starting June 9th. 

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