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Recovery Home Kansas City

Reach Homes

Reach Homes is a faith-based discipleship home that exist to help people become passionate followers of Jesus.

The Vision

We believe that structure is critical when coming out of addiction, or for re-entry individuals. Developing discipline, or for many individuals through re-entry, continuing the disciplines established through incarceration are imperative to the health of their relationship with God. Of which, everything else in life flows from.

Church involvement, discipleship courses, daily bible study, and developing good work ethic are a few of the focuses in each Reach Home. In the attached Intake Form it discusses in more detail the rules and regulations of Reach Homes. Applications are required to enter and must be approved by administration. 

Each applicant must have 6 months sobriety to apply for any of the Reach Homes. Reach Homes are not intended to be Sober Living homes, nor Transitional Housing. Rather, they were launched with the goal of being Discipleship Homes; helping people become passionate followers of Jesus. Therefore, some of the stipulations may be intense and disciplined. However, we believe that if each individual presses in and becomes active house members, that their relationship with God will prosper, therefore, helping them become better members of society and restoring generations to come.

Reach Homes works in direct connection to Reach KC Church and under the spiritual authority of Reach KC leadership.

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